We examine your organization, your circumstances, and your strategy and design a customized approach to transform how your organization conducts the following:


Up-skill New Managers

We specifically work with professionals and companies that experience a sudden shift in their business due to exponential growth, a Merger or Acquisition or a significant decline in business that requires downsizing.

New people managers are necessary for an organization to      withstand and survive any of those circumstances. A strong emphasis must be placed on engaging your new managers and providing them with the necessary training to thrive in the midst of ambiguity. When we do this, our teams are more committed and we increase productivity and retention.

Reinforce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In light of recent 2020 events centering around racial and socio-economic disparities with Covid-19 mortality rates as well as crimes inflicted on Blacks/African Americans, the conversation around race is unavoidable. Leaders and managers in organizations are required, now more than ever to tackle this issue because remaining silent can be interpreted as being complicit. Discussion requires unveiling our own unconscious biases, understanding the history of systemic oppression in America and acknowledging that implicit biases exist in the workplace. These conversations involve a facilitator with first-hand expertise, and a willingness to support us to face our fears and reframe the stories that we believe about others who are different from us


With the current surge in the U.S. to confront and dismantle systemic inequalities, this is a defining moment for all organizations. We want to usher you into this dialogue through workshops and simulations.


With instructor lead training and supplemental video learning, we provide a tailored approach that we see through from start to finish.

Martine Kalaw

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This is an exploratory conversation to understand your business needs. We will explore what has worked in the past and what hasn’t and define timelines.