"...training was one of the biggest gaps in the company as we were a global organization with siloed processes….Martine changed that by efficiently building out a global Learning and Development department working with each team to fully comprehend their processes and develop training modules to help onboard team members. Going through Martine's training curriculum, myself, and many of my colleagues were able to accelerate our understanding of the business and help provide value much more quickly than we would have without it."

-Herry Pierre-Louis, MBA

“As the visionary and champion of ... global training initiatives, Martine was able to engage employees from all over the globe with programs and training for becoming a new Manager, Mentorship, best practices, and soft skills.”


--R.Walker, Xaxis

“She [Martine] shows an amazing willingness to confront hard problems head on and find a workable solution. I am again extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Martine…”


--J.Bates, Skillpath

“Martine is not only an excellent coach, she is also an immense source of inspiration. She is engaging, radiant, giving and has such a vast wealth of knowledge to share with others, that I cannot recall a time when I've not felt energized from my interactions with her. Her teachings are substantial in content and her delivery is well-organized and poised. She is perceptive in her guidance and has inherent skill and intuition in understanding and empowering others to find solutions.”


--J.F., Macys

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